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Folio: The Wild I

Edited by Noa Mendoza & Ayaz Muratoglu

Final stanza of Mayakovsky by Frank O’Hara:

It may be the coldest day of

the year, what does he think of

that? I mean, what do I? And if I do,

perhaps I am myself again.

When I or Else by June Jordan:

when I or else when you

and I or we

deliberately I lose I

cannot choose if you if

we then near or where

unless I stand as loser

of that losing possibility

that something that I have

or always want more than much

more at 

least to have as less and

yes directed by desire

For this issue’s folio, we collected work that plays with “exploding the I,” drawing from Dorothea Lasky: “all poets harness a wildness in the I of our poems. An I in a poem contains so much ego—is so puffed up with its brute strength—that it is willing to shred itself in the space of the poem. Or, that is to say, it feels so strong and confident to be itself that it feels completely free not to be anything at all.” 


The poems in this folio explore the ‘I’ as a tense, a noun, a particle of language, as extension of form. Is ‘I’ a space of world building or a space of collapse? Where does ‘I’ expand and relax and open? When is ‘I’ untrue? Or is ‘I’ always true? 


The Wild I is open, permeable, but holds at its core an interrogation of the personal through an explosion of the I. Like the ‘I’ in the final stanza of O’Hara’s Mayakovsky, these are poems that purposefully mistake the ‘I’ for something beyond the self. We want to be surprised by what ‘I’ can hold, what it can’t, and where it slips away, or into something new.

Two Poems

I need to give you a sponge bath

I need to give you my full attention

Christine Shan Shan Hou

Vi Khi Nao

I Find That

“singing too, oh, gargling, the same nerve

that does all of that killing thing”

Lindsey Pannor

The Dog's Letter

I knew, then fled to the second,

the third, the person who promised

my past could be repeated without me

Timothy Ashley Leo

Poem to Polarity

water can dissolve more things than any other common liquid ... / water can adhere to itself and other things

Shira Dentz

Two Poems

that foot in my mouth


being smashed in two

willow hour

Issue 17 Folio


Edited by Diamond Forde  & Ariel Chu

The Obituary

I saw an obituary of myself and the date on the newspaper was a Tuesday, February 11, I caught a bubble in my throat and swallowed it.”

Meiko Ko

The Ghost

I hold up my hands, showing the boy my palms. I want him to surrender. He can’t look me in the eye.

Ross Showalter

Once Upon

Our End

“see: sinkage; sea rise; vulnerable coastline communities; disappearing island nations; heightening frequencies in extreme weather conditions”

Noelle Marie Falcis

Agnes, the Abbess

“The other nuns looked at her with something close to fear. I wanted that for myself. Jesus was how I was going to get it.”

Sarah Starr Murphy

Issue 17 Fiction
Issue 17 Poetry


Edited by Alana Solin


A bar, and a green / bottle sucks the wind from a man's throat. / The night grooming and skinning broad day

Prosper C. Ìféán


I hover         at your weakened

posts & in the middle of each season

I rise like a curse & burn.

Em Robidoux

Two Poems

dog says ah ah eh

kid says hee hee why why

cat says oh

Dawn Macdonald

My God Get In

are you dying   I am dying   say the stars / which are dying   but we won’t be / invited to any funerals   my god

Jacqui Alpine

Two Poems

we read Komunyakaa in the state

run treatment center visiting

room we chain smoke the interstate

Joseph Daniel Duffy

Two Poems

She missed the south, so went east.

How escent—the headlights?

Sophie Hall

Two Poems

I know why they love October

In the inward drive to dress

down it tunnels through the wrist

Riley Ratcliff


Edited by Meghan Lamb

Extreme Fuckups

“The best revenge is living well. The best revenge is a living will. Heaven, an individual happiness, the brain crystalizing at death, firing all its neurons at once, an infinite amount of pleasure, pain.”

Glenn Shaheen

Rocket Inn

“In the Comet Book, fantastical illustrations of comets mirror textual descriptions, full page scenes of blazing rocks, some with faces, hurling into dazzling heavens above dark landscapes. They read like omens of disaster in the saturated night.”

Daisy Atterbury

Questions for the Neighborhood

3. A holiday could have occurred without my knowledge.  4. I knew one thing: someone in the neighborhood had died.  5. Someone in the neighborhood was shot in their backyard and died.

Delia Rainey

Issue 17 Nonfiction


Edited by Tony Wei Ling

Using the Printer Like a Painter

A conversation with Mara Ramirez about iterative process, trans figure-drawing, and their love-affair with an inkjet printer.

Mara Ramirez

D.R.Y. Run

An interview with the three artists of D.R.Y., a new Bay Area comics collective, about tabling at comics fests and building each other up.

Yasmeen Abedifard

Raúl Higuera

Daniel Zhou

The Sessions

In Diego Guerrero's CAD-like comic sequences, human figure and architecture remodel each other: a slapstick feedback loop of sudden impacts.

Diego Guerrero

Issue 17 Comics
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