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The Sessions
(Sinsense House)

Diego Guerrero

I first encountered Diego Guerrero’s “The Sessions” earlier this year, on the recommendation of the artist Bhanu Pratap. The two artists share an interest in combining architectural structures with disastrously transformable bodies, but in Guerrero's CAD-like sequences, house transforms as much as body. Figure and architecture remodel each other—a slapstick feedback loop of sudden impacts.

In one sequence, some crucial piece of a room might vanish, throwing a body so off-course that it loses crucial pieces of its own. In another,  decorating efforts might go so awry that a jammy-yolk body becomes a wall's permanent feature, like chewing gum under a desk. At certain moments, architectural surfaces wink away their opacity, teasing other layers of schematic representation.


Diego Guerrero's exploration of comics and cartoon form in “The Sessions” put both to work in the service of architectural projection and imagination. You can find more of his work at his online portfolio.

—Tony Wei Ling


Excerpt, It Hurts Until It Doesn’t, 2022.


Diego Guerrero is an Ecuadorian designer and architect with an interest in practices that allow a connection between the aesthetic, human and pragmatic under a rationalist veil where the elements generate a semiotic connection between utility and beauty. He has experience working in architectural design, urban design, graphic design, industrial design and interior design. He is currently studying a science master's degree in Computational and Advanced Design with DesignMorphine and the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy.

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