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Yumi Dineen Shiroma


what a beautiful summer it was

 crust of salt at the tip of the teeth

what a languid and liquid

 summer to love and be loved

where love lies

 in the summer of love my love

gently detaching the door from its hinge

 somewhere in new jersey

the gentle collapse

 sandal tan picking the skin from my feet

the circling sun

 jam jars and coffee and ice

fly wing and skin

 sunning myself

on my mental beach

 the apartment in gentle collapse

the boy and the girl and the girl

 and the sun in the summer

my clothes on the sill

 in the summer of ice cubes stuck

to fingerpads

 of hair on a mirror

with fingerprints

 in the hot fleshy summer

crying its aspartame tears

 from some other body

my body kept sprouting

 crying its aspartame tears

in the sand

 its other head held

in its hands

 in the thin glassy summer

how could you love

 the soap in the pan

the hole in the screen

 where the flies get in

you love

 the church

I love

 my love

in the crystallized summer

 I kept you inside

a mason jar

 you peered out from under the lid like


 in the dust-streaked summer

the small gross emotion

 like flies in rosé

I had all these tiny suns

 I would keep in my pockets

with ice cubes

 I didn’t have enough pockets

to hide all the suns

 in the fly-papered summer

paper tickets wooden prayers

 gently detaching the window pane

I sweat in the sweat

 of the fan and the suns

hard shell of secrets

 over my clothes

the sill the fly the wing

 its stunning decay

in the sand-choked summer

 too many secrets

eaten too fast

 freeze the nerve

at the roof of the summer

 artificial creams and pinks

a sun on ice

 in a mason jar

what a small gross summer

 to sprout from a root

in the summer

 shrouded forms in time

the body and the body and the body

 the clothes on the sill

somewhere a crowd

 I sweat in the bed

with the circling sun

 its motion decayed

my jar of light

 my other heart

somewhere in new jersey

 rapping the shell the sill

the glass-shard dulled

turned over for years

in the mind of the sea


Yumi Dineen Shiroma is a PhD student in English at Rutgers University, where she studies the theory and history of the novel. Her poetry has previously appeared in BOMB, Hyperallergic, and Peach Mag, and her chaplet, A Novel Depicting "The" "Asian" "American" "Experience," was recently published by Belladonna*. You can find her on Twitter at @ydshiroma.


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