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Two Poems

Kandise Dixey

Spoken Words

The holes in my heart are painful. Having to feel the pain that I feel & turning it into a bright shining jewel. With the words being spoken can cut you so deep, it can cut you like a sharp knife in someone’s hand. The knife is jagged, it rips my skin to the point of having painful scars.


I want to lash out, with words to let them know how I have been hurt. The pain I have seen will not stop me from traveling within my own heart.


When you speak that 4 Letter word LOVE to me & let me see that I am a shining jewel. You have helped me see I can shine bright with my words & not my actions

Dreaming of You

Having nightmares for so many years until you came along. You calmed my Fears, You helped me from crying so much in my sleep, talking to you all the time has helped me realize that my past can’t hurt me any more….


I need to feel you near me in more ways than one. I want my heart to feel peace & quite. You have comed my pain of my past….


Longing for the Love I have never felt from any man in my life. Now feeling so alone & all by my self now….


As my mind races back to the time’s when everything was so dark before you came into my lonely life….


When I became your Kandi Girl & you became my Blue Eyed Man, now I know what good Pure Love is, I want it more & more. I have never felt Pure Love like yours….


Dreaming of my Future. I see my Blue Eyed Man walking next to me for a better & brighter Future.


Looking into your Blue Eyes, I see their is NO need for me to cry anymore, Because from here on out, it will only be my Blue Eyed Man that I’ll be adoring.

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Kandise Dixey_Dreaming of You.jpeg

Scans of Kandise's submitted materials

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