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Kailey Tedesco


my blood is champagne music when i decide                  to love the smell 


of sawdust. here, woodchip                     milkfroths my little                  finger, radon glowing 


me to rock                     of poison — the house              is inside of me starting


with the deadbolt. i beg              of thee, believe ghosts              come a-framed, ceilings 


sweltering with lady bugs; it’s a squall in here, fast                      & red & blinding. i don’t want


your antlers mounted              at the roof of my mouth but here i am, a trophy 


case or coffin.              crawl through me; fun haus                     & mirrored hallway.       my mother 


standing on one end                a scale beneath her feet like that day’s 


mood ring & my         fantasy of throwing it through the window,                      smashing, 


to wood or else thorn. on the other end my own mirror              & me in it & me in it


            and all of the me          contained in the hull                    of house, hating 


my body          as it accumulates           half baths & foyers          & the land of lakes 


lady, getting bigger or smaller               depending on the framing,          nevertheless i’m craving 


butter                not always for me, but also       for my mother                i pray that the mirror-mirror 


shows us what is wanted             & that some of it is me 

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Kailey Tedesco is the author of She Used to be on a Milk Carton (April Gloaming Publishing) and Lizzie, Speak (White Stag Publishing). She edits for Luna Luna Magazine, co-curates for A Witch's Craft reading series, and teaches in Bethlehem, PA.


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