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Two Poems

Julie Walker



I wove myself to all the intricacies

of this world,

encountered adversity and discriminatory diversity.

Engaged in corruption and obstruction,

drank from the golden chalice of hatred 

and engaged in futile Political, religious

debates that met no ends but

rhetorical violence.

What’s best left is proverbial silence,

but only sometimes silence,

allows the death of innocence,

and the future of mankind

becomes a nihilistic lie

with its people waiting,


just to wallow and die.

So as we Perpetuate to a 

further state of self indulgent loathing

wide awake with our eyes closing,

I eagerly detach myself

from the sentiments of my kin

because I know too well,

the wages of sin.

The world is Diabolical

and I am only anatomical,

I have no win,

so as this sphere continues to spin

I will systematically and


disestablish myself from

the system I have historically

coalesced with.



fully incapable of degeneration,

or de-construction of natural function,

that is my son

those are the youth,

the prodigious ones

with their sharp minds

and well rehearsed lines,

every thought,

every word

fully prepared

they are fully aware

of the subtle shifts

in cosmic alliance,

they lead a millitant defiance

which says bend not to

intellectual mind rot.

They are the youth

of a dying truth,

some indestructible crack babies

growing up to be

scientific dignitaries,

going down in scientific journals

some being spoken about

at your wall-street urinals.

Our sons

the dignified ones

they split the atom

and unlock the diseased mind

but what will they find

when staring in the mirror?

will the mirror reflect

the imperfect

or make visible

the indestructible,

impenetrable truth

that they are just

over-zealoused youth

who just stumbled upon truth...

Julie Walker_Indistructable 1.jpeg
Julie Walker_Indistructable 2.jpeg

Scans of Julie's submitted materials

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