FALL 2017



The work in this collection centers individuals who are grappling with addiction and substance misuse. The challenges of living with addiction are immense and disproportionately affect queer and trans folks as well as survivors of sexual assault and abuse. The contributors included in this collection live at the intersections of these experiences and identities.

Edited by Laura Bullard + Kayla E.


Alexandra Watson + Ashley Keyser + Georgina Parfitt + John Paul Jaramillo + Lee Matalone + Bonnie Chau + Marcelle Heath

Edited by RL Goldberg


Douglas Piccinnini. + E Yeon Chang + Gizelle Fletcher + John Stintzi + Kamden Hilliard + Lauren Jackson + Melissa Dias-Mandoly + Rose Knapp + sally burnette

Poetry Editor | Jennifer Soong


Dylan Glynn + Medar de la Cruz + Kat Geng + Emanuel Xavier + Grace Rosario Perkins + Daniel Garber

Visual Art Editors | Ximena Izquierdo Ugaz + Danielle Wright

Photography Editor | Abby Sun


Rita Banerjee + ​Brighde Moffat, Rachel Economy, and Jennifer Patterson

Nonfiction Editor | Laura Bullard

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