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Two Poems

Hanxin Liu


A dog running behind a blue square

Four cows yoked to a computer cable

                      — pomegranates on white linen — graphic confusion


Matter vanishes when the colors change

But if there is duration, I become the wings within your monastery

                      — my old faith — rotate a red window in a red room


Lovers kissing behind a blue square, a blue sky without lovers


I summon my reflection over a window with a mirror behind it.

The sky looks loose on me, the sky a blue snow


Scattering through the leaves. Since breaking with you

Over blueness, over struggle, I have become unclear 


About this prosthetic soul. Whether the snow moves faster, a long 

Dagger of displacement. Whether the snow breaks rank and valence, the long leash 


Of a dream. O my heart. My heart in a flaming armor 

I pulled the ocean over. 


This was Law. Outside oneself, more oneself than oneself.

Because my vision is still provisionally


Penurious, all the windows break apart but I see more

Than one of you — Suppress that second image.


Heaven’s universals abstract the inside

From the form. I want to be the one who disappears


Even as the squadron of angels arrives, their feet 

Lowering. Wet spirit. Wet across two cubes of light.


Can a large intensity contain a small intensity?

A small intensity, smaller intensities?


If a blue snow scatters through the leaves, then 

Let there be a sky. If the leaves brush the water


Behind the forehead, then the world’s shade

Lengthens inside me. But when I come closer to the screen


A grid of lines amasses in the shape of my shadow. If I die

While it holds me, my spirit has lost its way. The narrow furrow —


A room where a natal song plays on a loop, made one

With the first and last object of my reflection, and is it 


Non-invasive? Following the transmission, blue

Wires have copied the dream of the water.


From emptiness remove space, from space 

Remove air — a heart possesses not even a heart.

Hanxin Liu is a student at Stanford University. 

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