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Emily Bark Brown

when the blood stays wet

and what do itches get?


scratch my back for a goddamn minute

that’s the spot where god went in it


there’s a spot in the golden sun

a spot made just for the golden one


i’ve got a golden ticket

why don’t you come here and lick it?


i’ve got a bloody mouth

that’s what we call a hole down south


down yonder where the grass don’t grow

the sun don’t shine and the snow don’t snow


beware the teeth without a smile

beware the teeth without a smile


breeze down south to the golden thicket

i’ve got a berry and you can pick it


i’ve got my heart zipped up with string

i get what i want and i want one thing


a breeze will blow against my back

and the rain will shine and the sun will crack


and the tide will rise

and the trees will snap

and the people will come

and they won’t come back

Emily Bark Brown is a poet from Alabama. Along with Zoe Tuck, they co-edit Hot Pink Magazine, a poetry venture, at

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