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Elegy for SOPHIE

Aeon Ginsberg

After Joshua Jennifer Espinoza


The Moon is SOPHIE’s now.

The Moon came out as trans but that wasn’t enough,

this time the Moon is coming for it all.


What is the Moon if not the pinnacle of an Immaterial Girl?


The first full moon of the year is the Wolf Moon

does that mean I’m going to be the Moon’s Dog?

Always the same and never the same,

Day by day, life after life.

The immaterial becomes the intangible.


The moon is often described as dead, which is devastating

given the moon is SOPHIE’s now.

When the Moon makes music though, she can use the best sounds

we haven’t heard yet, that we may never hear.

People say that space is vacuous, that it is like a vacuum;

if space is a vacuum, dress me in PVC and latex.

Let the Moon suck the air out, leave no gap or space for anything

between what I’m wearing to the Moon and me.


Tell me why I have to be the best dressed in all of my poems,

and I’ll show you my poems and who they are for:

why wouldn’t I dress up for The Moon, for her Moon, Awoooo.


People say that space has no place for sounds, 

but most people haven’t been to space, and haven’t heard 

the sounds that exist between us and the Moon.

I’ve heard the sounds of space because I’ve heard the music

that the Moon has made before she became the Moon,

that is to say, before she got so close she was able to eat it.


People say a lot, they will say 

you die multiple times, once when you die

and again every time someone who loved you

says your name for the last time, without knowing

that it is the last time they will say your name.


SOPHIE got close enough to the Moon that there will never

be a time where we talk about the Moon for the last time.


When the Moon is a Wolf and 

she is SOPHIE and 

she is trans,


we will meet in the club and 

blast the Moon’s music all night long.

She will exist in our ears long after

the bass has turned off.

Aeon Ginsberg (ey/em) is a transfeminine agender bitch from Baltimore City, MD. Ey are the winner of the 2019 Noemi Press poetry prize for eir book Greyhound. Aeon is a bartender and a taurus.

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