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Would you like to be Nat. Brut’s 2019 Artist-in-Nonresidence? It's like an artist residency—but not. This year, we're looking at you, Greensboro, North Carolina! If selected, you'll get a month’s worth of gift cards to cafés around the Piedmont Triad, activating the region as your workplace! All or part of the work you produce during the residency will be published in Issue 14 of Nat. Brut in May 2020. Past winners include Ayqa Khan (2016), Oliver Luo (2017), and Grace Suh (2018).  Nat. Brut's annual Artist Nonresidency was created by Krithika Varagur.

Applications are currently closed.


Nat. Brut is a future defined by responsible art-making. We like work that takes risks, responds to mainstream consumption and tradition, is quirky, is subversive, is sublime, is human. We are a home for the playful and for the unruly. We are against propriety, its echo of property, of ownership, of control over who does what, when, and where. Nat. Brut wants to make you uncomfortable. We want to make you uncomfortable with the uniformity of perspectives you encounter in mainstream magazines. We want to make you uncomfortable with the uniformity of perspectives you encounter in the world. As we make you uncomfortable, we also want to make you feel safe. Nat. Brut is play, a mode of generosity, a type of love. At the center of our efforts is an acute awareness of the consequences of our physical and cultural output. We know that all creative mediums inform one another, and we do not value one creative medium over any other. Nat. Brut is outside of what's in.


If you enjoy Nat. Brut and consider yourself a reader of the magazine, please consider donating to us! We are a fledgling non-profit on a shoe-string budget, and our staff is 100% volunteer (all of us!). Every dollar you give goes directly back into the operations of the magazine. Consider giving today!

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