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by Terrell Jamal Terry

I was seduced by a hoax with teeth

In the back of my skull

A horn & a damaged computer

Search me sidetracked

Erased from stations

At the distant age of six

I raided a tent made of yarn

For large flakes of understanding

Silver genre, gender & osmosis

Wired through a merciless globe

Thin wrists of lassoed words

Arms monitored

Furniture & fragrance

Altering knots into a nice cast

I have no taste for torture

I was grieving the lack 

Of comfortable rain 

Or a sweet potato breakfast

Who have you seen 

From beginning to end?

Terrell Jamal Terry poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Volta, West Branch, Crab Orchard Review, cream city review, Washington Square Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Green Mountains Review, and elsewhere.

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