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Tanea Lunsford Lynx


I have swallowed the detonating explosive

This is my super power:

To take

Pain and danger

Eat it up and still live


Aside from the clapping as the plane lands

the hooping and hollering after the news reel

the sore back-clapping

and head rubbing much to my chagrin

no one picks me up from the airport

I have no real missed calls


The smell of sour food

and untouched

dishes line my sink

when I get home


Sometimes there are tiny fruitflies

buzzing with my neglect


when I draw a bath

I keep my eye

on the water filling


lay on my side in the tub

as the blackchalkdust

and redorangerust

ash of destruction leaks

out of my ear

becoming charcoal mud


I burp foul smelling smoke

For the next week


Wait for the next disaster

to be reached for

and pulled with long fingernotlooking

in the dark for me

at the backbottom of the closet


To be used again

To be half ass celebrated again


I sit and recover

make no noise or effort

my hair still drying in the wrapped towel

when the touch grazes me

reluct when it passes over me with a stalled stumble, uncertain

not feeling my warmth under its touch

Still Here_Spring 2018-9.jpg

Tanea Lunsford Lynx is a fourth generation Black San Franciscan on both sides. She is a proud alum of VONA and the Lambda Literary retreat. She dreams and fights for a future without prisons or jails.


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