Nat. Brut (pr. nat broot) is an online journal of art and literature dedicated to advancing inclusivity in all creative fields. Since we’re committed to cultivating a platform for voices that are typically marginalized from mainstream literary/arts consumption, we encourage submissions from Disabled people, people of color, and/or LGBTQIA-identifying folks, although we do accept submissions from everyone. 

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General Submission Information - Please Read

We hold free open fiction, nonfiction, and poetry submissions during the spring. We aim to have a turn-around time of three months for all open submissions.

General submission guidelines:

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  • We DO NOT currently accept submissions of comics, visual art, video art, video poetry, or animation.

  • We also commission one guest editor per issue to curate a folio, which is a themed collection of between 5-10 pieces around a given editor's topic of choice. Folios are designed to be narrow to highlight intersections of experiences that may not be as apparent in general submissions. Folios are solicited and open to general submissions, to the discretion of the folio editor. 

  • Please send only work that is previously unpublished. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know in your cover letter and be sure to withdraw your piece promptly (via an email notification) if it’s accepted elsewhere.

  • Along with your brief cover letter and bio, we'd love to know how you came across Nat. Brut!


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Please Note: Nat. Brut no longer releases biannual print issues. We do, however, publish content regularly online. Work accepted for publication online will be considered for publication in any future Nat. Brut print anthology.

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Last year, we were thrilled to announce that the Whiting Foundation chose Nat. Brut as a recipient of the 2020 Digital Development Grantee Whiting Literary Magazine Prize! This grant is their smallest grant, and was made available for digital magazines with budget's under $15,000/year. We fell into this category as a magazine with a budget that hovers around $2000 per year.


We won an outright grant of $3,000 in 2021, and we will be using funds from this to begin paying our contributors a modest sum of $30 for their inclusion in the magazine. We understand that this fee is nominal, and we hope to increase it in the future. For now, this is the amount we can afford to pay contributors while still maintaining our usual small budget for print costs and hosting fees. Our staff is still entirely volunteer-run.


The second element of this grant is an additional matching grant of up to $3,000 per year for the following two years. In the spirit of full transparency, this means that The Whiting Foundation first calculates our "baseline," which is essentially the money raised by our four fundraising board members, plus a few hundred dollars of print-profit, and then matches whatever we are able to raise on top of it up to $3,000. 


We have calculated that if our donations remain consistent, we should be able to keep paying contributors indefinitely and still remain financially solvent and entirely free and accessible to our readers. 

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Split Tongues

A Nat. Brut folio

Guest Editor

Amanda Galvan Huynh

“I cut it so that you would not be tongue-tied. Your tongue would be able to move in any language.”

– Maxine Hong Kingston, Woman Warrior

The art of straddling two cultures means code-switching between our familial ties and our dominant American environment. Even though we inhabit both cultures simultaneously, we are usually forced to pick a side in school, in work, and in other communities. Here, we invite writers to be unfiltered in their bilingual and multilingual experiences. We invite writers to share the joys, the challenges, the resistance, the anger, and the humanness of being in between languages in this country, because our voices are America. 


In our current “Speak English; this is America” climate, it is imperative to lift up the diverse music balanced on American tongues. The motivation of this folio is to highlight bilingual and multilingual experiences. We want to encourage all writers from bilingual and multilingual homes to share their poems and essays about moving through the world with two tongues—with ears attuned to other songs.  


While we encourage all individuals with bilingual and multilingual experiences to submit work, we want to make space for the marginalized voices within our communities. We especially welcome poetry and nonfiction from womxn, Disabled people, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQIA+ people. We hope to connect writers and to give them a chance to see and hear one another.​

Folio Submission Guidelines

  • We aim to have a turn-around time of three months for all open submissions.

  • Please note that we are currently an online-only publication and are no longer releasing biannual print issues. Work accepted for publication online will, however, be considered for publication in any future Nat. Brut print anthology.

  • Please only send work that is previously unpublished. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know in your cover letter and be sure to withdraw your piece promptly (via an email notification to if it’s accepted elsewhere.

  • For poetry, please submit one to five poems in a single document (max of 10 pages) 

  • For essays, please send one submission (max of 10 pages)

How to Submit to the Folio

  • Please address your emailed submissions to Amanda Galvan Huynh, Nat. Brut's Guest Folio Editor.

  • Please email submissions to

  • Please use subject line "Split Tongues Submission." 

  • Please include a brief cover letter and bio, we'd also love to know how you came across Nat. Brut!

  • Submissions close April 30, 2021.