S. Yarberry


—After Marie Howe

Lake reflects    sky


     sky reflects     the


           razzle-dazzle     of blue


and blue        Somewhere         between

                                                           the warp


of land           and air                                       there’s


your body


                      and someone                 else                    beside it

                      Birds come and go—


up      and down        forward             then back


Blue jays like broken sky                                                             crows

like drips of night

                                              songbirds                          howling

into the oblivious myth         or mirth                 it is


                                     Yellow jackets


too                   swirl off somewhere                  then away   farther


cicadas sing:                             Tu me manque, tu me manque

aussi you are missing from me


                                                                       It is




this loss          this losing             

                                                        We fall


into                            tragedy        





has gotten lost           along our way


I pale in the face

                                 You are             un      reachable


I hold a dark lake in my hand            I wait


for light             to seethe across         the surface


Where are you                                                           The wind     is sky beginning


I can see it form for miles

                                                 Do you feel it


The way it moves around you                            then



                                                Infinitesimal                 the gesture                 the breeze

the variation      in blue


                                    What is the difference


between                        I call to you               and

                                                                      I call you             The cicadas


are tiring                                  fall rain          on the horizon        




is broken                                  This breaking


            happens once            


                        then happens all the time

S. Yarberry is a trans poet and writer. Their poetry has appeared in, or is forthcoming in, Tin House, Indiana Review, The Offing, Berkeley Poetry Review, jubilat, The Washington Post's The Lily Magazine, Notre Dame Review, miscellaneous zines, among others. Their other writings can be found in Bomb Magazine and Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly. S. holds the Junior Teaching Fellowship in Poetry at Washington University in St. Louis and serves as the Poetry Editor of The Spectacle.


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