Reclamation & Restoration

Edited by Diamond Forde

The South has gotten a bad rap in the American imagination. Racist, hick, backwoods—these perpetuated narratives erase the survival of so many communities here. The South plays villain for all of America’s vices so that folks outside the South can avert their gazes, roll their eyes, and reassure themselves, “We’re bad but not that bad.” Well, the South ain’t havin’ it no more.


While this folio aims to redefine the reductive narratives used to discuss the South, it is not reactionary. It is not interested in portraying a “New South.” Instead, this folio seeks out representations of the South as it has always been, the South that has always existed outside of the pejorative fetishizing that shapes Southern narratives. 

—Diamond Forde


Bradley Trumpfheller
Two Poems
Erin L. McCoy
Two Poems
Jessica Jacobs
Postcards to North Carolina, from a Northernmost Island
Reilly Cox
Todd Osborne
A History of Trees
Jason McCall
Tha Carter V Means the South's not Dead, Either
Henry Goldkamp
Death of the South After a Long Battle with Cancer with Quotations Around It
Derrick Austin
Two Poems
Emily Holland
Back Country
xtian w
Lonely Mountain Town
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Zefyr Lisowski
After I Become Well, I Throw Myself Into The Well Hole
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Diamond Forde's debut book, Mother Body, is forthcoming with Saturnalia Books in Spring 2021. Her work has appeared in Ninth Letter, Massachusetts Review, The Offing, and elsewhere. 


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