Kinsey Cantrell


to grip headboard close throat over

estimate smile through fray

pillowcase reek with detergent   to slow

supple gain traction breathe heavy

lidded and diminish   to reduce to

giddy sensation   flypaper skin spy




to thrash cardiothoracic   to subdue

self   to promise as empty

future-based comfort   yes we

will go there   yes we will do that

yes we will








to find it’s not

years i spend, but

a certain allotment of life




what i want is not impact

but velocity   waking up

to you with morning   lying

permanence   suggestion of rest   a big bay

window and excess of sunlight   no

photosensitivity   the days to grow

longer   to shirk nightfall. everything is short-lived.

Kinsey Cantrell is a Brooklyn-based writer with work appearing or forthcoming in Black Warrior Review, Anomaly, Datableed, New Delta Review, and elsewhere. She can be found online at or on Twitter @kinseymads.


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