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Genevieve Arlie


To Oli

I am resourceful & adaptable

as fuck, I shit you not. For


example, this morning to walk

the toy dog in my foster care


I wore black floral lace

under my activewear because


everything else was in the wash

I later babysat in the basement


with tea & magazines to avoid

running up


& down the stairs like all you able

bodies do without a second


thought. It was amateur hour

but also trash night the first time


I ever took the little stinker around

the block, so when he popped


a squat beside a random

can, I went diving in it


for something, anything,

and surfaced with a sprouted


Take also unto thee Wheat and Barley

and Beans and Lentils and Millet


and Spelt and put them in one Ezekiel 4:9

bread sleeve on the first


breath. Dog food, the same going in

as coming out. By now a seasoned


veteran, today I took several

for the neighborhood, bent


down for every abandoned log

& cake we passed on our way


home, and had a five-pound baggie

after half a mile. Chew on that,


bitches. And I tossed it in my own

barrel to boot. So tomorrow when


my quads are shot from all that climbing

& squatting, I’ll revise this verse


in cotton undies in between

clean sheets, a puppy on my knee.

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Genevieve Arlie is a dog lover and tree hugger from California and a PhD student in English–creative writing at the University of Georgia. She’s had chronic fatigue for the past twelve years, but is slowly getting stronger.


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