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as neglect

Abdulkareem Abdulkareem

[content note: pedophilia]

Take it this way, this is a bullet from a gunshot 

we have been evading, how a boy was stuffed 


into the throat of a young woman’s arousal, 

a boy fetched for throat, chop down feelings,


what do we say about this clawed future?

This is a thing, scarce as Christmas day,


once in a whole 365 days. But who made

this undone examination? These fingers 


that hold the path to Sodom walk down

the bodies of an innocent boy & his future


becomes scarred. Why do you feed a boy 

from the chalice of disaster & build a 


communion of fire with a soft wood?

a mother nurtures her marshmallow into a 


citadel & another mother nurtures him into

a miserabilist — & a miniature devil arises


from his carnal knowledge. Fears become

fossilized on his thoughts while the world 


takes another turnout, a new ache bookmarked 

in his body. What type of fire eats the cauldron 


& its content? & the sycamore of his confidence

is reduced to ashes. Nurture another boy into your 


redemption, o pedophile. You, a moth chewing

down the offing of a voyage.

Abdulkareem Abdulkareem, Frontier III, writes from Nigeria. He won the University of Ilorin S.U. Writers Competition (Poetry Category) 2022. He was also on the shortlist for the Vallum Poetry Award, 2022, also won second place of the World Voices Contest. His works appear and are forthcoming in POETRY, Lolwe, SAND Journal, Qwerty Magazine, Harbor Review, South Florida Poetry Journal, The Shore, Rough Cut Press, West Trade Review, Shallow Tales Review, Claw and Blossom, Brittle Paper, Orion's Belt, & elsewhere. He reads poetry for Frontier Poetry & Agbowó.

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